XF 650 Freewind



SUZUKI XF 650 Freewind, EZ 1998, 48 hp

✔️ Spoked rims rear and front
✔️ Side license plate RFB
✔️ Custom rear with integrated brake taillight and integrated LED turn signals
✔️ Tank: Honda XL
✔️ Front fender GFK mini RFB
✔️ Handlebar: LSL X00 with handlebar end mirrors and handlebar end turn signals
✔️ Cockpit: Acewell
✔️ Modified central shock with Wilbers shock absorber
✔️ Oil cooler kit RFB
✔️ Exhaust system RFB with EG-ABE
✔️ Paintwork: Experience Colors

Vehicle sold, identical vehicle can be built by us. For an individual offer, please write an e-mail or contact us by phone.