SV 1000 Turbo



SUZUKI SV 1000, year of construction 2006, 196 hp (with turbo)

✔️ Three star rear wheel 6.25 x 17 with 200/50 ZR 17
✔️ Custom rear kit RFB with double rear light and rear mudguard VA polished
✔️ Exhaust system 2 in 2 MIVV-RFB
✔️ Turbo kit with manifold and attachments RFB
✔️ Radiator covers right and left RFB
✔️ Lamp mask RFB
✔️ Front spoiler RFB
✔️ Single-sided swingarm with central nut mount RFB
✔️ Design paint Experience Colors

Vehicle sold, identical vehicle can be built by us. For an individual offer, please write an e-mail or contact us by phone.