Z 1000 2003 No. 2



KAWASAKI Z 1000, model 2003-2006

In 2003 Kawasaki had launched the new model series Z 1000 (Z 750), these vehicles were sold with great success by Kawasaki, therefore we had developed a complete conversion line for this vehicle and in the years 2003-2006 we have almost exclusively customized these models and manufactured the custom parts for them.

✔️ Chrome fender with retainer set RFB
✔️ Cockpit trim panels right and left mirror polished
✔️ External belt drive RFB
✔️ Engine: Engine emblems “Z” RFB
✔️ Wheel rim beds high gloss polished
✔️ Frame plugs RFB
✔️ Spoked rim set VA polished RFB, 3.5 x 17 with 120/70 ZR17 front and 6.25 x 17 with 200/50 ZR17 rear
✔️ Exhaust system 4 in 2 RFB alloy/stainless steel polished with bolt-on brackets RFB
✔️ Recessed footrest system RFB
✔️ Rear conversion kit: single-seater RFB (with stainless steel rear panel and hump cover as well as double rear light)
✔️ Front spoiler RFB
✔️ All aluminum parts high gloss polished
✔️ Chain guard “Z” VA polished
✔️ Glaze lacquer finish

Vehicle sold, identical vehicle can be built by us. For an individual offer, please write an e-mail or contact us by phone.