W 650 / VT 600




We had received the order to build a classic bobber out of a Honda VT 600 and to install a Kawasaki W 650 engine with a upright shaft. The customer had clear ideas about the final result, which we were able to fulfill 100%.

✔️ Engine: Kawasaki W 650, painted, cover polished
✔️ triple clamp: RFB triple clamp with integrated Modogadget Classic Cockpit
✔️ Fork: ZX 9 R fork with teleguide
✔️ Front brake: Behringer caliper with brake pump Behringer
✔️ Front fender: RFB
✔️ Handlebar: LSL
✔️ Tank: Original tank rebuilt with Classic tank cap
✔️ Exhaust system: Custom made RFB VA polished, with HD mufflers
✔️ Footrest system: RFB custom made
✔️ Wheels: Spoked rims 3.0 x 19 with 110/90-19, 6.0 x 16 with 200/60-16
✔️ Rear fender: Swinging with integrated LED brake taillight, custom made RFB
✔️ Driver’s seat: frame modification for single seat, incl. electric box and battery box fabrication
✔️ License plate: lateral RFB
✔️ Electrics: push button control with Motogadget M-Unit control unit
✔️ Air filter: K&N
✔️ Headlight: LED 51/2 inch
✔️ Suspension: Wilbers incl. 40mm lowering
✔️ Paint: Experience Colours

Vehicle sold, identical vehicle can be built by us. For an individual offer, please write an e-mail or contact us by phone.